Travel provides a unique focus for developing musical and social skills in a safe and enjoyable context while exploring new places. It often provides an opportunity to hear other performing groups, participate in workshops under other talented conductors and to perform in new venues. It’s a wonderful and fun way to learn.


Initial involvement is often while still at home, when Viva hosts a choir or choirs from other places. In addition to sharing musical experiences, recreation and food as part of group events, Viva members are sometimes invited to host the visitors overnight, providing a more personal exchange.

Every spring, each Viva group participates in a day of touring local schools to perform, do workshops, and interact with each other and with the host school members. Consult the annual schedule for possible dates, and ask YOUR school to consider hosting a visiting Viva ensemble!

The more experienced ensembles sometimes do a weekend trip to another area each season, time permitting. In March of 2016 the Da Capo and Crescendo singers headed to Nanaimo for a Saturday afternoon workshop called South African Choral Music with Sarona Mynhardt.  In the past similar week-end events have taken place in Courtney, on Gabriola Island, on Thetis Island, and in Whistler.

Every few years, a separate Touring Choir may be formed in order to take advantage of opportunities that are farther afield and/or for longer durations.  One example is the July 2007 Pacific Rim International Children’s Chorus Festival in Hawai’i.  Previous trips have been made to England in 1994, to France, Germany, Austria and Hungary in 1997, and to Wales and England in 2003.   Viva has also attended the International Choral Kathaumixw in Powell River BC on 3 occasions, and Viva represented Canada at the first Golden Gate International Children’s Chorus Festival in 1991 in the San Francisco Bay area.